Who We Are

Who We Are

We're a couple who create websites together. We took a UX/UI Design course at the University of Toronto, got paired up for a class project, and the rest is history. Oh yeah, we got an A+ on that project!

Vitoria Dias

Web Design and Marketing

I am from

Piaui - Brazil

I went to school for

Fashion Design
Publicity and Markting
UX/UI Design

I work doing

Web Design, Administration &
Social Media Management
Drawing of us, Vitoria Dias and Cameron Lewis

Cameron Lewis

Web Dev and Content Creation

I am from

Alberta - Canada

I went to school for

Creative Writing
UX/UI Design

I work doing

Content Creation &
Strategic Planning

We design websites that are...






What We Do

What We Do

We're a UX Researcher and UI Designer duo. What do those things mean?
It means we do everything when it comes to creating nice-looking and functional websites that people can find when they're browsing the web.

Each project is different, but we maintain consistency in our process.

Each project is different, but the process is pretty much the same each time. Here is how we tackle each new client work



One of the most important phases in UX Design is actually done before we create anything. In order to execute a successful project, we need to understand its context first. The definition phase sets the foundation for the final product. During this phase, we'll work with you to brainstorm what we're trying to accomplish.



Once we’ve defined your idea, we'll move to the research phase. This involves things such as competitor and user analysis, in which we dig into what other competitors in the market are doing well and what users like and don't like when they're using these websites. Doing this research helps us determine how to build a successful website.



This step is where we put all of our ideas together. This is where all the sketches and wireframes and ideas to life.
Our goal is to create a user interface that makes it easy, efficient, and enjoyable for users to interact with a website.



Next up, we'll send you our design for notes to ensure that it matches the original vision that you came up with during the first phase of the process. We want to make this a collaborative process to ensure your vision is realized.



After going through iterations and edits, we'll be ready to launch your website. From here, we can help you with social media, marketing, search engine optimization, or anything you need to run your site successfully.